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Extreme! FOMO Tanning Bundle


Extreme Spray & FOMO Combo Pack
State-of-the-Art Melanoplex Formula
Italian-crafted Biomimetic Peptide Fusion for Enhanced Tanning
Innovative Foam Application for Effortless Use
Compatible with Sunbeds and Solarium Acrylics
Extreme Tanning and FOMO = Dark and Nourished skin

Extreme Tanning spray & FOMO Combo!

Discover the Advantages of Extreme Tanning Sprays & FOMO! Tan Boosting Foam:

  1. State-of-the-Art Melanoplex Formula
  2. Italian-crafted Biomimetic Peptide Fusion for Enhanced Tanning
  3. Innovative Foam Application for Effortless Use
  4. Compatible with Sunbeds and Solarium Acrylics
  5. Extreme Tanning and FOMO = Dark and Nourished skin
Don’t Let the Opportunity Slip Away – Embrace the FOMO! Advantage Explore the Features of FOMO! Tan Accelerator: Experience the Breakthrough of Melanoplex Technology: Unleash the potential of Melanoplex, our exclusive formula engineered to transform your tanning journey. This advanced technology, enriched with biomimetic peptides, mirrors natural skin processes for accelerated tanning. Harness Biomimetic Peptides for a Natural Tanning Boost: FOMO! Tan Accelerator employs biomimetic peptides to stimulate melanin production, enhancing and expediting your tan. Bid farewell to prolonged sun exposure or solarium sessions – achieve a rich, authentic tan in less time. Effortless Application with Foam Innovation: Savor the luxury of our foam-based tan accelerator. Its lightweight, easily absorbed formula ensures a smooth application process paired with our extreme tanning spray you will get the best of both words.

Unleash Your Radiance:

FOMO! Tan Accelerator isn’t just a product; it’s a pledge to luminous, sun-kissed skin. Embrace the FOMO! journey and unveil your inner glow with a tan that speaks volumes. Don’t Let the Opportunity Pass – Why Choose FOMO!? The name says it all – FOMO! Tan Accelerator ensures you seize the perfect tan. Our foam formulation is not only effective but also enjoyable to use. Elevate your tanning regimen and bask in the compliments that accompany your newfound radiance. Enhance Your Tanning Experience with FOMO!: Elevate your tanning ritual with FOMO! Tan Accelerator Foam. Place your order now and let the Melanoplex magic reveal a radiant, sun-kissed version of yourself. Don’t miss out – embrace the FOMO!  


This is our Flagship Extreme Tanning spray that will leave you looking golden without spending hours in the sun with the use of biomimetic science. Are you fair skinned? Struggle to tan? This is just the product you need. Our tanning spray will leave you looking and feeling amazing. Once you have experienced the magic of our sprays you will spend less time in the sun and more time having fun!  

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