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Teeth Whitening

The ultimate in tanning experiences, welcome to So Damn Tanned! Your one stop shop for tanning products for all skin types.

From creams to foams we have you covered! All of our products are are fully acrylic and sunbed safe and can be supplied with SDS certification upon request.

Our Flagship trademarked melanoplex formula will not only leave you looking bronzed and beautiful but will nourish your skin with our high grade topical skin peptide ingredients.

Get the tan you deserve, get So Damn Tanned!

The ultimate in Teeth Whitening from our friends at myblancteeth.com, We have partnered up to bring you the finest in tanning and teeth whitening on the market.

The Custom PAP+ formula removes all stains caused from the likes of coffee, smoking and food colourants and will have your teeth up to 7 shades whiter in just 10 days.

Once you have bought your kit you can then reuse it will the handy refill packs, to add an extra kick to that whitening make sure to get some of their flagship PAP+ Concentrated mouthwash for the ultimate in whitening.

All of Blanc’s products are safe for your teeth and will not cause sensitivity at all. There is no peroxide in these wonderful whiteners and they will not damage the enamel on your teeth like other more dangerous teeth whiteners on the market.

Teeth So Damn White, Your tan looks So Damn Tanned!

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