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Tanning You Can Trust With Melanoplex ®

The Biomimetic additives in our tanning lotions have revolutionised the world of skin tanning. Inspired by nature, these innovative ingredients mimic the natural processes that occur in the skin when exposed to sunlight. By incorporating biomimetic additives, tanning lotions can create a more realistic and natural-looking tan.

These additives work by stimulating the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colour, resulting in a tan that closely resembles a sun-induced tan. With biomimetic additives, tanning lotions offer a safer alternative to traditional tanning methods while providing an authentic and radiant glow!

Tanning Sprays Made By Professionals

We pride ourselves on our high grade sprays that will have you looking like a golden Goddess or God, we do not skimp on price when it comes to manufacturing our sprays. We guarantee you will never use another brand again after using So Damn Tanned! 

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