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TRIP! Quick Dry Tanning Accelerator Gel

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  • Aqua based sunbed Friendly formula
  • 200ml Bottle
  • Skin Soothing Ingredients
  • Melanoplex ® Formula
  • Fast Acceleration under all types of UV

TRIP! Quick Dry Gel

Buy one get one free! Until old packaging runs out! Be quick only limited amounts left.

Discover the Ultimate Tanning Accelerator: Go Gel It

Take a TRIP! With So Damn Tanned! A specially formulated gel for use in all UV settings including Sunbeds/ Solariums, achieving a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow is an art form, and our custom-formulated Trip is your masterpiece waiting to happen. This fast-drying and fast-acting tanning gel is designed to elevate your tanning experience to new heights. Dive into the world of radiant, bronzed skin as we introduce you to the magic of Go Gel It.

Aqua-Based Brilliance

At the heart of TRIP! Quick Dry It lies its Aqua-based formula, which sets it apart from the competition. This unique water-based composition not only ensures a smooth and easy application but also delivers a surge of hydration to your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and refreshed rather than sticky and oily, your skin will be dry and ready to tan in seconds.

Tanning Acceleration Extravaganza

What makes TRIP! a standout performer is its impressive array of tanning-accelerator ingredients. Within our exclusive Melanoplex ® formula, we’ve combined cutting-edge components to boost your tanning potential like never before. Prepare to be amazed as your skin soaks in these exceptional accelerators, catapulting your tan to the next level.

Versatility for Every Tanning Enthusiast

While initially designed for sunbeds (solariums), Go Gel it is versatile enough to accompany you on your outdoor sunbathing adventures. Whether you’re under UV rays indoors or basking in the natural sunlight outdoors, our gel enhances your tanning accelerating process with every application.

Skin Care at Its Core

We understand that tanning is not just about achieving the perfect shade; it’s also about preserving your skin’s health. That’s why TRIP! Quick Dry Gel It tanning accelerator contains no SPF, allowing your skin to soak in those essential UV rays for a deep, long-lasting tan. But don’t worry; we’ve got your skin covered. Our formula includes soothing ingredients that leave your skin in a radiant and glowing condition after your tanning session. Say goodbye to the sunburned discomfort and hello to the beauty of tanning with TRIP! If you are sensitive to UV remember to and are having long days in the sun it is a good idea to add a top layer of SPF to the skin.

The Power of Peptide Acceleration Technology and Aloe Blend

We believe that tanning should be a luxurious experience for your skin, and that’s why TRIP! incorporates the magic of peptide technology and a specially formulated Aloe blend. Not only will your tan look amazing, but your skin will also be nourished and deeply hydrated. Experience the indulgence of tanning with a product that cares for your skin as much as it enhances your beauty. Go Gel It is your ticket to a breathtaking tan that not only accelerates your glow but also pampers your skin. Whether you prefer the controlled environment of a sunbed or the natural embrace of the sun’s rays, this tanning accelerator is your secret weapon for a radiant, healthy tan. Elevate your tanning game with Go Gel It, and step into the world of bronzed perfection like never before. Your journey to a stunning tan begins here. Our formula has been made for those who don’t like to use creams you can find our best selling cream here!

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